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Enhance self-refinement, fulfill integrity in details

In order to improve workshop management level, operating mode, working methods, working quality and executive force, General Manager put forward that TMP staffs must take the Enterprise Core Value as our guiding ideology. Be practical and realistic when facing a problem, and face the music. Solve the problem with our heart, fulfill and taste the Enterprise Core Value in practice.

Integrity and Innovation is our Enterprise Core Value. Integrity stands for honesty and upright, telling the truth and doing the right. Be meticulous in work, keep moving for perfection, be responsible and accountable. “Honesty” is the premise of integrity. “Telling the truth and doing the right” is the content of honesty. Respect the work, Self-discipline, take the lead as other’s example, focus on details, pursuit of perfection, strict enforcement on prohibitions and be true to yourself, are the external expressions for honesty.

Stay positive for what we confront in practical work, search for the source of problem, never lose integrity and the basic principle for being a real man. Build integrity and mold healthy personality, only such a team can be trustworthy and more fruitful.

As innovation develops, from extensive type to intensive type, we need everyone to change their attitude, forge ahead with determinations, stand together and actively coordinate with company’s new program and measures, perform duties, devote wholly in the fulfillment of innovative culture with heart and soul. It is not only beneficial to our society and enterprise, but to ourselves.

Company Value must be inner accepted. Further study the enterprise value to understand the essence of it, strengthen the sense of responsibility, improve self-management ability and personality, take the lead, bear hardships and stand hard work, enhance self-refinement to perfect self-image, set a good example for offspring. It will bring everything but nothing to lose to our society and individual.

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