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Congratulations on the 15 years Anniversary of TMP & Successful Sports Meeting 2013

June 6 is the 15 years birthday of TMP. It is an important issue for all staff. It is also a historic time of our corporate to learn from the past and make new progress. In order to celebrate this big day together, to make our staff’s spiritual and cultural life more colorful, to enhance the cohesion of members, and to show demeanor of our staff, after an elaborate preparation, we held a series of activities of 15 years anniversary & sports meeting.

At 8:00 of June 2, more than 240 people of our company got together with happiness to celebrate our company’s 15 years birthday in the third factory’s hall, where it was already decorated with happiness.

In the morning, the activity agenda includes: the experienced employee representative making a speech, company leaders awarding the winners of writing contest and the top 10 salesmen of the former 5months, every vice general manager speaking, general manager speaking, music performance, each department staff taking photos with the platform leadership and taking part in the activity of collective signature.

During the celebration, TMP’s General Manager Mr. Wang made a wonderful speech. He made a retrospect of the hardness and roughness in the process of the development of the company. He pointed out that the past 15 years had witnessed the stage of forming into a clear corporate strategies and a complete corporate cultural system. TMP built a good team of agreeing with the enterprise culture, which has made the corporate be more mature. Then he stressed that the plan for the coming 10 years of the company was rebuilding a new Modern Indeed, his speech has pointed out a clear direction for company’s development, inspiring our morale and encouraging our passion to work hard.

In the afternoon, sports meeting started. The total eight programs were tug-of-war, table tennis, badminton, entertaining relay race etc which attracted more than 170 staff to join in. After fierce completion, 12 teams and 56 persons got prizes. When it came to 17:00, the 15 years anniversary of TMP & sports meeting 2013 successfully concluded.

This was a grand meeting for TMP to learn from the past, to look forward and to enhance cohesion of all staff. This will be an important landmark in the development of the corporate. What’s more, the past 15years had built a solid foundation for the dream of 100-year-old Modern. Taking this as an opportunity, making concerted effort, TMP people will keep up working hard for the dream of the New Modern in 10 years.

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