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Writing & Speech Contests of Chinese Dream, TMP Dream and My Dream

We bring Chinese Dream to enhance our cohesion and spread positive energy. We bring TMP Dream to establish positive thinking and impel TMP staff to realize their own dream and TMP Dream.

From April 22 to May 6, under the basis of learning and discussion, we held Writing & Speech Contests on the basis of series of special discussion activities of Dreams. At the very beginning, 28 writings were contributed. After the selection process, 9 of them were rated as the outstanding works, which were made spoke by the authors themselves and shared with others in TMP Meeting.

Through a series of learning and discussion of Writing & Speech Contests of Chinese Dream, TMP Dream and My Dream, all staff were aware of the close relationship between country, corporate and himself. At the same time, it has inspired staff’s consciousness of responsibilities and missions for making contributions to the prosperity of the motherland and the further development of TMP. What’s more, it has made everybody realize TMP Dream belongs to everyone and requires everyone’s hardworking.

How great the dreams are, how big the stage will be. The series activities has ignited passions of all staff of TMP, they will start from this new point with hopes and dreams; they will face all challenges bravely with their confidences and earnest attitude; they will build up brilliant tomorrow for TMP with their hard work and sweat.

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