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The 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and TMP Spring Festival Classic Concert were grandly held.

Consolidate the foundation and promote development, and start a new chapter with steady progress and long-term development. On 6th February, 2024, the annual meeting ceremony of Tai'an Modern Plastic Co., Ltd (TMP Geosynthetics). was held grandly at the Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel in Tianping Lake. More than 220 people including the company's chairman, general manager,Department managers and all employees attended the conference at the main venue in Tai'an. Chengdu Lobo Company and TMP America participated in the conference via video link.

The grand ceremony of this annual meeting is divided into two chapters: the annual summary and commendation meeting and the Spring Festival classic symphony concert. TMP employees gather together to look back on 2023 and look forward to 2024.

The first half is the annual summary and commendation meeting

The conference kicked off with all employees singing the company's eight honors and eight shame songs. All employees first watched the company's major events in 2023, and then commended the advanced workers, sales contribution employees, technology contribution employees and advanced collectives that emerged in the past year. , Deputy General Manager Wang Dunsheng read out the commendation decision, and the leaders seated on the podium presented awards to the winners on the spot. Minister Li Chuanbin of the Department of Geogrid and Director of the Machinery Workshop Li Jianzhong, made exchange speeches at the meeting on behalf of advanced workers and advanced collectives respectively.

Finally, the chairman delivered an important speech at the meeting. The chairman pointed out that 2023 is the year of economic recovery and development after three years of COVID-19 prevention and control, and it is an extraordinary year. The company has overcome unfavorable situations such as the decline of the international market, slow progress of domestic infrastructure projects, weak markets, and continued financial constraints. It has still achieved comprehensive development of its business, proposed a new concept of countercyclical development at the strategic level, and proposed the establishment of a modern processing center. The enterprise development concept of reinforced soil engineering technology ecology has been successfully explored and practiced. In 2023, our operating performance will still hit the best record in history. On the basis of exceeding 400 million yuan in operating scale in 2022,TMP Geosynthetics (Tai'an Company) will achieve slight growth against the trend in 2023, further consolidating its position as a leading enterprise in the domestic geosynthetic materials industry;TMP American are operating steadily, with operating performance hitting a record high, and are better integrated into the American geotechnical materials market, laying the foundation for greater development space and building confidence in expanding investment.

The chairman pointed out that in 2023, our polypropylene filament geotextile products will be successfully rolled off the production line. The project production line and process are completely independently developed and have independent intellectual property rights. The project has successfully ended the history of relying on imported equipment for the production of polypropylene filament geotextile products. In 2023, the merger and acquisition of Chengdu Lubao was successfully signed, enriching the company's product chain and taking a solid step towards the strategic concept of establishing a modern reinforced soil engineering technology ecosystem.

In 2024, we will further improve the process level of polypropylene filament geotextile, expand the single machine capacity, improve the competitive advantage of the project and better serve the market; Continue to promote the quality improvement and efficiency improvement of plastic stretch grid and polyester filament geotextile on traditional products; On the basis of ensuring the stable development of Head Office in Tai’an , promote the technical progress and production expansion of Chengdu Lubao Company; Build Chongqing production base and expand investment in southwest market; Implement the production expansion plan of TMP America and expand the American market; Promote international technical cooperation in the field of reinforced retaining wall and fill in the technical shortcomings of establishing reinforced soil engineering technology ecology.

The second half is TMP Spring Festival classic symphony concert

Use music to celebrate and sing for the New Year. As the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to give back to the employees and improve their quality at the same time, the company invited the Shandong Provincial Song and Dance Theater Symphony Orchestra to present a wonderful New Year concert to welcome the New Year with a magnificent, festive and warm music.

Symphony is an elegant art, which opens a wonderful musical journey for all employees. The concert officially kicked off with "Ode to the Red Flag", "Voices of Spring", "Second Waltz", "Good Night", "Jasmine", "Hungarian Dance", "The Blue Danube", "Butterfly Lovers", "My Motherland", "Carmen" "Radesky March" and other representative classics at home and abroad that have a "New Year's temperament" vividly express people's joy with gorgeous and smooth music. The 20 pieces of music were performed passionately, linking glory and expectation, passion and struggle, either gracefully confiding or majestic, touching the excited hearts of the audience and reverberating for a long time, bringing an unforgettable and difficult performance to all the audiences who came to the scene. An unforgettable audio-visual feast. The performance ended with "Ode to

My Homeland" and the concert was a complete success.公司2023年度总结表彰大会及经典交响音乐会隆重召开1.jpg公司2023年度总结表彰大会及经典交响音乐会隆重召开2.jpg

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