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Consolidate the foundation and promote development, start a new chapter with steady progress and long-term development

2024 is coming. Here, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and New Year wishes to all employees and their families, partners and people from all walks of life who support the TMP's development!

2023 is the year of economic recovery and development after three years of COVID-19 prevention and control. It is an extremely extraordinary year. This year, our foreign policy as a major country with Chinese characteristics has been solidly advanced, and our international status and influence have been significantly improved. In the face of complex international and domestic situations, our country has still achieved economic development achievements that have attracted the attention of the international community.

This year, our company overcame unfavorable situations such as the decline of the international market, slow progress of domestic infrastructure projects, weak markets, and continued financial constraints, and still achieved comprehensive development of the business. At the strategic level, we proposed a new concept of counter-cyclical development and proposed The enterprise development concept of establishing a modern reinforced soil engineering technology ecology has been established, and successful exploration and practice have been carried out.

This year, thanks to the joint efforts of all employees, our operating performance still hit the best record in history. On the basis of exceeding the operating scale of 400 million yuan in 2022, TMP Tai'an Company achieved slight growth against the trend in 2023, further stabilizing The status of the leading enterprise in the domestic geosynthetic materials industry; TMP America companies are operating steadily, operating performance has reached a record high, and they are better integrated into the American geomaterials market, laying the foundation for greater development space and building confidence in expanding investment. 

On 8th April this year, our polypropylene filament fabric products were successfully rolled off the production line, and the production line and technology of the project were completely independently developed, with independent intellectual property rights. The project successfully ended the history of polypropylene filament geotextile products relying on imported equipment for production.

On 6th June of this year, the merger and acquisition of Chengdu Lubao was successfully signed, which enriched the company's product chain and took a solid step for establishing the strategic concept of modern reinforced soil engineering technology ecology.

This year, our Tri-geogrid was successfully exported to America; Many of our polyethylene Uniaxial geogrid reinforced retaining wall projects started smoothly; The Bangladesh project we participated in was successfully supplied.

This year, we continued to maintain the honorary titles of high-tech enterprise, one-way champion of plastic geogrid and "specialization,refinement,distinctiveness and novelty" enterprise in Shandong Province.

Looking at the past, our pace is solid; Looking to the future, we will be more strategic and confident.

In 2024, we will further improve the process level of polypropylene filament geotextile, expand the single machine capacity, improve the competitive advantage of the project and better serve the market; Continue to promote the quality improvement and efficiency improvement of plastic stretch grid and polyester filament geotextile on traditional products; On the basis of ensuring the stable development of Head Office in Tai’an , promote the technical progress and production expansion of Chengdu Lubao Company; Build Chongqing production base and expand investment in southwest market; Implement the production expansion plan of TMP America and expand the American market; Promote international technical cooperation in the field of reinforced retaining wall and fill in the technical shortcomings of establishing reinforced soil engineering technology ecology.

Although the road is long, as long as our persist, we will eventually arrive; although things are difficult, we will succeed if we done; in the new year, let us work together to create a better future.

Wish you all a happy and healthy New Year,and wish the homeland prosperity


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