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TMP solemnly held the 23rd anniversary celebration of the establishment of the company

Recalling the past, there are twenty-three years of prosperous years. Looking at the present, we will try my best to renew all phenomena.


On June 6, 2021, the company celebrated its 23rd birthday. On this day, all TMP staffs gathered in the factory area at No.17 Wohushan North Street to celebrate the anniversary.


The neat queue and loud singing show the most beautiful TMP style; a group of photos and pictures record the course of TMP struggle.


Looking back at history, building dreams together. The company takes time as the axis, takes the site change and construction as the imprint, and distributes some pictures to elaborately complete the "Concise History of TMP Development". All employees watched the short film "A Brief History of TMP Development" together to review the company's ups and downs, so that every TMP person can draw strength from it and not forget the way we came.


Summarizing 23 years of development experience, a solid culture is the foundation of a company's success, and honesty and innovation are the way to a company's success. In order to strengthen the cultural heritage, the company held the "I learn, I practice" corporate culture theme speech event to share the experience of corporate culture review. At the meeting, the company presented souvenirs to the participants in the keynote speech of "I Learn, I Practice".

Thanks for our peers and win the future together. During the celebration, the president, as the leader, builder and witness of the company's 23-year development, delivered an important speech. The president reviewed the company's development history, summed up the experience and lessons, reflected on the problems, and planned the strategic direction. The president pointed out: "I don't know how difficult things happen. In the past 23 years, we have experienced some difficult things, accomplished some major events, and harvested some happy events. The original small workshop has become a large enterprise." Looking back at 23 years for the hardships of starting a business, the president sincerely thanks all the friends and colleagues who have supported and helped TMP along the way. From its inception to the rapid development period, TMP has made dazzling achievements in the plastic geotechnical industry from a blank paper to continuous integration and innovation. Every employee who has accompanied TMP along the way is a valuable asset of the company. They are TMP heroes and heroes, and the TMP future is even better because of you.


The road is hindered and long, and the line is approaching. Finally, the president's message to all employees: Success has never been smooth sailing, and there are unknown risks on the road ahead, challenges and opportunities. As long as we unite and work together, we will be able to achieve new development and create new results!


The celebration activities are pushed to a climax in the blessings of all employees.


All departments of the company collectively wish the company's development prosperous and the business prosperous!


There will be times when riding the wind and breaking the waves, and hang the sails straight to the sea. Looking forward to the road of TMP development, we are full of confidence that the TMP future will be more beautiful, and the TMP development will also be more brilliant! Let us work together to move forward with one heart and one mind, with the five-year strategic plan as the guide, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of "a Century of TMP, Passed on from Generation to Generation"!


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