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TMP participated in the 10th National Geosynthetics Conference

From September 23rd to 27th, 2020, the 10th National Geosynthetics Conference and 2020 China International Geosynthetics Products and Equipment Exhibition was grandly held in Chengdu.

The conference was hosted by the China Technical Association on Geosynthetics (CTAG) and the China Chapter of International Geosynthetics Society (CCIGS), Southwest Jiaotong University, the National Engineering Laboratory of Land Transportation Geological Disaster Prevention Technology, and the key laboratory of the National Transportation Engineering Structural Mechanics Behavior and System Safety and many other units jointly undertake it.

TMP participated in this exhibition as the executive director unit of China Geosynthetics Association. Five people including general manager Wang Peng and deputy general manager Wang Dunsheng participated in this exhibition. At this exhibition, the company displayed patented products such as quaxial geogrid, large aperture geogrid, high-strength geogrid, polyethylene uniaxial geogrid, and filament geotextile.

The Reinforced Soil Academic Seminar of the 7th National Geosynthetics was held at the same time. TMP participated in this meeting as a co-organizer. At the meeting, the company’s deputy general manager Wang Dunsheng made a speech entitled "Performance characteristics  and engineering application analysis of the quaxial geogrid "" report. We communicated with the experts, scholars and scientific researchers of the Geotechnical Society, various scientific research institutions on-site.

At the same time of the meeting, the Standing Council of CTAG was also held. The company's general manager Wang Peng attended this meeting.

The participating companies in this exhibition include domestic and foreign brand companies in the geosynthetic material industry, scientific research institutions, and engineering and technical personnel in the field of geotechnical applications. They had business negotiations with us at the booth and exchanged views on the current industry situation and market trends. The company's brand influence has gradually increased.

Through this exhibition, the company has learned about relevant market information and industry development trends. At present, opportunities and pressures coexist in the geotechnical industry. TMP will meet new challenges with a higher brand image and lay a solid foundation for the realization of the company's Century-TMP strategy.


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