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The Second Stage of TMP's Nonwoven Geotextile Project Started Production

June 6, 2020 is TMP Geosynthetics's birthday. All employees gathered together to celebrate the company's 22nd anniversary and the annual production scale of polyester filament nonwoven geotextile project reached 25,000 tons.
At the celebration ceremony, the president Wang Xuewen reviewed the company's development history and introduced the company's current plans, development plans and the situation of the US branch. He expressed thanks to the veteran employees who contributed to the company's development and emphasized the company's development strategy which is focus on core products including plastic stretching geogrid and filament geotextile. He determined the plan of adding another four nonwoven production lines to reach an annual output of 50,000 tons of nonwoven geotextile and proposed the early stage of starting the polypropylene filament spunbond geotextile project research and encourage everyone to work together to push the technical level and production scale of the two products to a higher level.
After the meeting, the president Wang Xuewen led all employees to visit the production site of filament nonwoven geotextile, and felt the grand occasion that four non-woven production lines were fully produced and still could not meet the market demand.
As the executive member of the association, TMP Geosynthetics has been committed to building an international advanced level of geosynthetics research and development center and a domestic first-class geosynthetics production base. The company strives to build a corporate culture that promotes mainstream values and adheres to the core values of "integrity and innovation”. We have established an enterprise with the vision of "employee satisfaction, customer trust, and social respect" and committed to being a century-old enterprise with "ethics, responsibility, culture, mission, and vision". The full production of the 30,000-ton nonwoven geotextiles project will help the company to expand its market share further and contribute to the technological progress of the geosynthetics industry better.





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