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The Company Successfully Passed the Three Systems Certification Audit

CQM Certification Group's expert team audited our company's ISO9001 (quality management system), ISO14001 (environmental management system) and ISO45001 (occupational health and safety management system) from April 24th to 26th. The auditors audited and guided the conformity, sufficiency and effectiveness of our company's quality, environment and occupational health and safety comprehensive management system according to the three systems standards for the entire process for three days. The suitability of the various departments, the normalization of on-site management, the effectiveness of environmental factors and the identification and control of hazard sources, and the compliance of relevant laws and regulations covered by the scope were carefully reviewed. The auditors visited the workshops and communicated with the relevant personnel. The expert team finally unanimously agreed that the three systems audit passed smoothly.

During the three systems audit, the company's management pay high attention to it. The main leader personally grasped it, and the managers of all relevant departments participate in the whole process to ensure the smooth progress of the certification work. At the final meeting of the audit, the president of the company expressed his thanks to the expert group who provided valuable suggestions during the audit. He put forward three requirements to all departments of our company: The first is to implement the three systems in place from the perspective of the company's long-term development, to strengthen training, and to introduce environmental protection and safety laws and regulations into the system process; The second, we must deeply understand the questions raised by the auditors and be targeted to find our own risks and deficiencies. We need to adhere to the problem-oriented, and immediately rectify the problems. The third is to pass on the environmental protection, safety responsibilities and pressure, and to bear them. Finally, the three systems standards will be effectively integrated with the company's management system to truly achieve the purpose of continuous improvement of the system operation and comprehensively improve the company's overall management level.

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