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TMP successfully passed the CE supervision and audit of 2019

TMP passed the supervision and audit of the CE products through the BTTG auditor on December 20rd.

On the first meeting of the audit, the vice general manger Wang Dunsheng, on behalf of the general manager welcomed the auditor to our company. He mentioned that the audit would help our company to improve the management work. He requested all the company’s relevant departments and personnel involved in the audit should coordinate with this audit work and take it seriously.

In the next section, the auditor evaluated the relevant procedures, quality manuals, production sites’ records, products’ traceability and CE logo applications etc. At the last meeting, the key elements which needed to be further promoted in this audit were reported, the relevant suggestions were put forward, and the CE certification supervision and audit were carried out smoothly.

"CE" is regarded as a visa for the manufacturer to open and enter the EU market. TMP passes through "CE" certification also means the promise to the clients. This will increase the level of the trust for the customers to TMP products. The CE supervision and audit will provide the firm supporting to us in order to expand the international market of TMP geosynthetics.

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